Arcipelago Wood

Lead Time 9-11 Weeks

Escape busy office environments

Modern offices require multi-purpose workspaces providing employees with the best possible working atmosphere to engage in a variety of activities. It is important to set up both regular meeting areas and private spaces where employees can focus on their own thoughts.


ARCIPELAGO Wood has been designed by the Italian design studio Baldanzi & Novelli Designers. Aesthetic design, smooth shapes and natural elements bring a sense of warmth to the office.

It is a great meeting and work space solution for any office. This lounge seating is ideal for multiple uses: brief tasks or longer work sessions, meetings, teamwork or relaxation.


Baldanzi & Novelli Designers who created ARCIPELAGO Wood compares this piece of furniture to an island which offers a natural retreat. ARCIPELAGO Wood high panels serve as barriers shielding employees from background noise while comfortable seating creates a laid-back and private environment.

Design by studio Baldanzi & Novelli designers, Italy

Warranty 3 years